Crash Bandicoot – Is the #1 video game based on a franchise! The Crash Bandicoot game series was made by Jason Rubin & Andy Gavin for Sony Computer Entertainment. Learn about Crash Bandicoot & the Crash N series, plus buy Crash Bandicoot for Nintendo Switch!

Crash Bandicoot is a video game series with an eponymous anthropomorphic bag roof in the lead role. Originally it was Jump'n'Rungames for the Sony PlayStation, but now also games for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, iPhone and the Nokia gaming platform N-Gage, including games of other genres. Of the 18 previously appeared crash-bandicoot games were sold around 40 million units worldwide.

                                                                              Crash Bandicoot Overview

Crash N - The first Crash Bandicoot game was one of the first 3D jumps and a big commercial success. The freedom of movement is very limited, the character Crash can only move in a fixed path, and the camera angle cannot be changed: Crash is always seen only from the back, from the side or from the front. The player moves the character through various levels, in which numerous boxes emerge, which can be destroyed with a whirling attack and often release power-ups, for example so-called "Wumpa Fruits".

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If Crash collects 100 Wumpa Fruits (which have a deceptive resemblance to Mangos), the player gets an extra life, much like the Super Mario coins. A box may also contain Aku-Aku, a protector spirit who once protects Crash's life (i.e., he may, for example, "run" against an explosive "nitro" box). In addition, there are special "warp platforms" in the second and third, which take the player to a secret teleporter room with second entrances to secret levels.

In each of the numerous levels, with the exception of the first part, it is necessary to collect the purple crystal and bring it to the finish.

Since the journey there is often difficult, there are usually several Checkpoints per level where you can restart after virtual death (if you still have enough life) and so does not have to start all over again.

In addition, up to 2 gems can be earned by playing the level again and fulfilling a specific condition. This usually involves finding and destroying all crates in the level or finding a secret path. Variety is u. a. offered by levels where you can ride on an animal (polar bear, tiger, wild boar o. Ä.) And cannot stop, but must constantly try to avoid the numerous obstacles. Furthermore, there are worlds where you in front of a voracious animal, a bullet o.

                                                            Image result for Crash Bandicoot

                       Ä. Must flee without being able to stop long, otherwise, you will be eaten or rolled flat.

The gameplay has changed dramatically in the last two games Crash of the Titans and Crash Ruler of the Mutants (Original: Crash: Mind over Mutants). Instead of a straight line, the player runs in a level that offers plenty of space. You collect Mojo instead of Wumpa fruits, Aku Aku is now a blockade and you fight against mutants. These can be ridden after being harmed enough.

These are controlled by Aku. Each of the mutants has special abilities. These are achieved by a super bar that, when used up, fills up slowly and is filled even faster by attacks. But there are also mutants that are very tall and strong and can only be defeated by other mutants. Despite these strong changes, the characters remained the same except for the look.

The influence of Mario games is reflected in some areas. For example, Crash N Team Racing and Crash Bash featured crash-style Mario Kart series racing games and a party game similar to the Mario Party series. This contributed to the image Crash Bandicoot was Sony's answer to Nintendo's Mario. In fact, the first games were sold by Sony and Crash was used as a mascot for the PlayStation.

However, today's rights lie with Vivendi Universal Interactive, and crash games no longer appear exclusively for Sony gaming consoles.

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Crash Bandicoot also boosted the popularity of jump 'n' runs with animals that had been introduced with the Sonic games and made a comeback through the crash games. Figures like Ratchet & Clank and Spyro are examples of this.

                                                                                      Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a nose-bagger and the protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series. [1] He is a genetically advanced Eastern Barred Bandicoot living on N. Sanity Island. In the series, Doctor Neo Cortex is almost always his archenemy, who wants to defeat him, to put his life back in order. A crash is often accompanied by his ally Aku. The crash was first seen in the lab by Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio. Actually, the bag-roof was bred as a weapon for cortex.

However, by mistake, he turned against his creator and since then tries to thwart his dark plans. However, some games differ from this basic idea. In Crash Twinsanity (2005) Crash does not have to fight against, but on the side of Cortex. In Crash N-Tranced Cortex is not represented, instead Crash fights N-Trance and Dr. N. Tropy.

In the course of the game, his appearance has changed several times. Only since Crash of the Titans, he has received tattoos. But also the hairstyle got a change in the colour and number of spikes. Changing his pants, adding a belt and adding footprints to the soles of his shoes also changed his clothing. Crash N -It has also been shown to wear pink boxer shorts. The crash is spoken in the games of Naughty Dog by Steven Blum. In the Japanese version, he is spoken by Kappei Yamaguchi.

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                                                                                       Coco Bandicoot

Coco is the blonde sister of Crash and a computer genius. She is often a playable character, but does not always have the enhancements Crash can unlock (e.g. Dash, Toe or Bazooka).

Coco was created like her brother by Doctor Cortex. However, like Crash, she was not interested in obeying him, but helping her brother, Dr. to defeat Cortex. For this, she built the tele-porters and karts. In the new games, she looks adult but is only in Crash: Ruler of Mutants playable, since they in Crash of the Titans by Dr. Med. Cortex is kidnapped.

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In the first games, she had a blond ponytail and wore light blue dungarees with only one carrier. She also had pink shoes and big eyes. In the new parts, she wears a hair towel, a white T-shirt with a pink star and jeans.


The Aku (or medicine man) mask is the protector spirit that appears as an item in special boxes. He is the brother of Uka. It protects Crash N (or Coco) from the loss of life if hit by enemy attacks. If Crash has two masks, he has two attempts and if he has three masks, he becomes invincible for a short time. This function has become a kind of blockade in the last two games.

His appearance has changed a lot. In the beginning, he is a board with a small green beard, yellow glowing eyes, green eye rings, with big eyebrows and a pointed nose. His hair is made of different coloured feathers and he shows his teeth. In the new parts of the series, he is thicker, has a real nose, something like sideburns and a larger mouth. The hair and eyes are largely the same.

                                                                                 Crash Bandicoot Crunch

Crunch is the very big and strong super-bandicoot who is always fit for sports. He first appeared in the game Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of the Cortex and was the final boss in each chapter.

Crunch was Create Cortex to kill Crash Bandicoot. He was helped by the elemental masks which gave him even more strength. In the end, he joined the group of heroes and is then an integral part of the games.

In the first games, he was very tall and had a very beefy upper body. He wore trousers in a camouflage pattern and black boots. Up to the elbow, he has a mechanical prosthesis on his right arm, which is only for decoration and does not have any special effect.

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His face resembles that of Crash, only it is wider and the ears are bent down at the corners. Like all characters, he has big changes in appearance behind him. Now the whole arm is mechanical and he is wearing very skinny pants. His face is now animal-like and the hairdo is an Iroquois. Apart from that, the ribcage has decreased in circumference. He is the rival of Tiny the Tiger.

                                                                                    Doctor Neo Cortex

Dr. Cortex is an antagonistic villain of the series. In addition to world domination, it is his declared goal to destroy Crash Bandicoot, but to his chagrin Crash always emerges victorious from all clashes, not infrequently by his own incompetence or that of his henchmen.

Cortex was already interested in science as a child but was mocked more than admired by his fellow students at the Academy of Evil. To retaliate against the mockers and gain world domination, he created mutant creatures with abnormal abilities with a groundbreaking invention - the gene-altering Evolvo Ray. The crash was also one of the series, but proved to be a failure due to his lack of ruthlessness and was then fired from Cortex 'team.

Crash N -This proved to be a serious mistake, as Cortex Crash's girlfriend Tawna, also created by him, kept to himself and thus motivated Crash to successfully thwart Cortex's machinations. After this first defeat, he has tried in many different ways - both cunning and brute force - over and over again to seize world domination, but he has never succeeded.

                                                                      Image result for Crash Bandicoot

After the first parts of the series, it turns out that Cortex did not act of its own accord, but has received orders from Aku Aku's evil brother Uka Uka. He dives from Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped regularly in the games at his side and also regularly receives tantrums, if one of the Cortex 'plans failed again.

One of the few deviations from Cortex's standard role as a villain is Crash Twin sanity, in which he is even forced to collaborate with Crash to eliminate a common enemy. Here too, however, he makes two attempts to eliminate the crash - with catastrophic success. This game also highlights Cortex's story and his niece Nina appears for the first time.

Cortex 'trademark is his small stature and disproportionately large, yellow head, on which the initial letter of his first name emblazoned. He has black, protruding hair, a balding bald and a full beard. His clothes are a white coat, black shoes, and yellow gloves. In the new games, his hair is less curly and the gloves are black instead of yellow. In addition, he often carries with him a red energy pistol.

Cortex is sneaky and megalomaniacal in character, but his constant failure makes it difficult to take him seriously. He likes to present things in a light that is more positive for himself than they are - for example, the alleged Evolvo beam developed by him comes from the pen of Dr. Ing. Nitrus Brio - and complains about defeats against Crash about how unfair the whole thing is. But despite everything, he seems to have a heart, as can be seen from his attitude to his niece.

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                                                                                              Uka Uka

                          Uka Uka is the evil twin brother of Aku and is behind the deeds of Dr. Med. Cortex.

Crash N - The look has changed the most. In the early games, he was a medicine man mask with brown beard and hair pattern and had three bones on the left, right and upper sides of the face. In the last two games, he looks more like a mobile. Six bones hang down on the leaves. The eyes are very small and the mouth is made of wood and cannot open, which looks like talking as if someone is talking with mouth sewn up.

                                                                                         Tiny the Tiger

Tiny is a devious beast on which Doctor Cortex tried his genetic experiments for the first time. He's not overly intelligent, and his tactic is often just trying to get in the way of the player.

                                                                Tiny is one of Drs Most faithful henchmen.


Crash Bandicoot - In Crash of the Titans, he seems a bit distressed that Cortex is being replaced.

                                                              Image result for Crash Bandicoot

He represents a tiger, but had no stripes at the beginning and was orange throughout. He had a very big and terrifying face with sharp fangs. He was dressed in red sneakers and a small robe of leaves. In the newer games, he is a tiger with stripes and looks generally more human. He is wearing camouflage-coloured clothes.

                                                                                          Doctor N. Gin

Dr. N. Gin is the right hand of Dr. Ing. Cortex and the cyborg have built many of the inventions. He is always on the side of Dr. Cortex and also the only one that Cortex pays a little attention to.

                                                                                    Dr. Nefarious Tropy

Dr. N. Tropy first appeared in the third part, where he is the third boss. He invented the time machine and calls himself "ruler of time". His attacks consist mainly of fireballs and heat waves.

                                                                                        Dr. Nitrus Brio

Dr. N. Brio was in the first part of the partners of Cortex and the inventor of the Evolvostrahls. He also appeared in Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Twin sanity and Crash Ruler of the Mutants. He's a boss in Part 1 and Crash Twin sanity. In Part 2, N. Brio is not an opponent but helps Crash once he has 100 percent to destroy with the power of gems Cortex space station.

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                                                                                          Nina Cortex

She is the niece of Cortex, Crash's archenemy. You do not know if she's a robot or a human because she has robotic arms but still has a blue human body.

She first appeared in the game "Crash Twin sanity", where Cortex went to the bad school to pick her up because he needed her help. (In fact, she appeared for the first time in "Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Revenge," but at the time it was unclear who she was and where she came from, it was explained from "Crash Twin sanity." She also appeared in the games "Crash Tag Team Racing", "Crash of the Titans" and "Crash: Mind over Mutant". Crash otT she was the final boss, instead of Cortex, who was the first boss.

But Nina and Uka Uka captured him because they were tired of Cortex constantly failing, but their attempt to kill Crash went awry as well. In Crash MoM, Cortex of Hate has thrown her back to school, literally.

                                                          Image result for Crash N

                                              Nina is also the arch-enemy of Coco Bandicoot, sister of Crash.

                                                                                 Movements and Attacks

Crash can spin like a whirlwind, slip, crawl, jump ("normal" jump, "double" jump, spin-jump, and skip-jump), ride, as well as weapons in recent series (e.g. a bazooka , which hunts for breeding weeds) as well as vehicles (jet ski, car, kart, airplane or similar). In the current part of Crash also dominated a flick-flack-like attack. In addition, he uses a voodoo mask to control opponents.

                                                                                     Crash N Developer

The first four Crash Bandicoot games were developed by Naughty Dog. Crash Bash comes from Eurocom, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of the Cortex and Crash Twinsanity from Traveller’s Tales, while the remaining titles were developed by Crash Tag Team Racing's Vicarious Visions and Radical Entertainment respectively. Crash Tag Team Racing, Crash of the Titans & Crash: Mutant Rulers were created by Sierra and Radical Entertainment.

On November 21, 2013, the official Crash Bandicoot website operated by Activision was removed. In addition, all references to Crash Bandicoot have been removed from the official website of Activision. Sony announced at the games fair E3 2016 that the first three games in the series for the PlayStation 4 should be reissued as re-mastered versions. It is also planned that Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders: Imaginators should make a guest appearance. 

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